The former Tomcats  and previous kittens

CFA Ch. Ostermond´s Aomene

Unfortunately, Aomene never had kitten. She lives now as a pampered cat in a beautiful home. 


Ostermond´s Liberty of Alomi

She lives well protected

with Lasse Einar Mortensen in Danmark                                       Difficult to let Liberty go, but very proud to have her in the Alomi family. May Liberty help improve Colorpoint Exotic and pass on her heavy,  round and very coby body and magical nature to their children.


Ostermond`s Cat_Bert

retired lifes in a very nice pet home

24.03.2018 Katzenfreunde Germania

Ransbach Baumbach

CACJ nominiert für Best in Show


23/06/2018 Cercle Feline de L´est

Wickersheim Wilhausen

CAC Prix Special


o3/06/2018 UCCev


CAC nominiert BIS

CAC 2 Bewertung


Cat Planet ev


Frankfurt Griesheim


CACIB 2.Bewertung


Cercle Feline de L´est





Cat Fanciers Assotiation

FelineFanciers of Benelux


Cat-Bert war in 8 Ringen erfolgreich

und ist CFA Champion


Assotiation FelineBelge a.s.b.l.


22/08/2019 Sonderpreis, Best in Show und Best of Best




Ostermond´s Mister Kittie-Man  Every Breeder knows that, there are special ones. Mr. Kittie-Man is one of those. Letting him go was not easy. However, his beautiful Sister Aomene stay with me, and Mr. Kittie-Man left 5 little sons in my cattery .

He wars ver succesful in shows and a lovely Boy

lot of Best in Show and Best of Best and Opposite sex from the Whole WCF Show in France. Heavy like a stone and a heard from gold.



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